How do you say thank you as a man? Flowers or chocolates wouldn’t work, a pint in the pub takes time, a handshake won’t cut it … and this is the problem we all have when buying gifts for men.

The solution came to our founder Jeremy, when he was experiencing problems with his car. A friendly service manager advised him to buy the parts himself and only pay for the labour costs incurred. This resulted in a huge saving and left Jeremy feeling like someone had helped him out.

To thank the service manager for his advice, Jeremy took to the web to see what he could buy that wasn’t too expensive, tacky or took too long to arrive. However, after much searching Jeremy struggled to find anything that was simple and easy to send to a guy to just say thanks. This was the very moment the idea of Cheers Bro was founded.

Since then, Jeremy and the team at Cheers Bro worked tirelessly to develop Cheers Bro from the bottom up, to offer men (and women) all over the UK a gift that is simple, affordable and cool.

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say thank you with Cheers Bro

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The Beers

What beers do we use?

To create the perfect gift, we’ve carefully selected a variety of craft beers from award-winning breweries.

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  • Jaipur

  • Camden – Pale

  • Camden – Hells

  • Love Over Gold

  • Session IPA

  • Lost Lager

  • Punk IPA

  • Dark Necessities

  • Pale Aura

  • Goose Island – IPA

  • Get Your Hops Off

  • Tung Feeler

  • Helles Lager

  • Daymer

  • Workbench

  • Liquid Mistress

  • Goodsize Eh?

  • Grebe’s Procession

  • The Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box

    Sleeping Lemons

  • The Wild Beer Co Millionaire beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box


  • Calypso

  • Siren Craft Beer Yu Lu beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box

    Yu Lu

  • Siren Craft Brew Soundwave beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box


  • Cwtch

  • Fubar

  • Hollyrood

  • Cascadian East

  • Jarl

  • Murmuration

  • Sun Valley

  • Lager

  • Even Larger Lager

  • Big Boy Pants

  • Broken Dream

The Breweries

Just some of the breweries we work with

  • The Wild Beer Co working with Cheers Bro
  • Bad Co Brewery & Distilling working with Cheers Bro
  • Siren Craft Brew working with Cheers Bro

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