How should you reward your employees?

Employees feeling undervalued or overworked is a common theme in the UK with over 50% of UK employees feeling undervalued at work (HR Magazine). This lack of appreciation is impacting employees devotion and sense of purpose at work, as well as their levels of loyalty towards their jobs, which is currently lower than the rest of Europe (Real Business). Therefore, with over 66% of employees saying they would quit if they felt undervalued at work (Forbes), it is important companies go that extra mile to appreciate their employees and to send the perfect corporate gift whether it be through monetary or non-monetary incentives.

There are many suggestions out there into how to motivate and recognise employees from small ‘go above and beyond’ rewards to ‘bring your dog into work’ days. However, what all these incentives come down to is the basic fact that employees want to be thanked and appreciated by their managers. Employees want to receive that thank you after a long shift in the office or when they have helped another team member out, with the recognition of their efforts helping to excel their performance and motivation.

So how do you say a meaningful thank you to your employees, especially when you have limited time on your hands? The answer … send some beer! This small gesture can help managers to show their appreciation without the involvement of a reward scheme and is something they can enjoy either with their fellow colleagues or just by themselves!

At Cheers Bro we offer managers this opportunity to say thank you to employees, through gift box sets of 6 or 12 carefully chosen craft beers delivered straight to an employee’s desk, containing a personalised thank you note written by the managers themselves.

It is simple and easy to use, as well as being extremely enjoyable to drink!

Say cheers to your employees by sending some beer!

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The Beers

What beers do we use?

To create the perfect gift, we’ve carefully selected a variety of craft beers from award-winning breweries.

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  • Jaipur

  • Camden – Pale

  • Camden – Hells

  • Love Over Gold

  • Session IPA

  • Lost Lager

  • Punk IPA

  • Dark Necessities

  • Pale Aura

  • Goose Island – IPA

  • Get Your Hops Off

  • Tung Feeler

  • Helles Lager

  • Daymer

  • Workbench

  • Liquid Mistress

  • Goodsize Eh?

  • Grebe’s Procession

  • The Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box

    Sleeping Lemons

  • The Wild Beer Co Millionaire beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box


  • Calypso

  • Siren Craft Beer Yu Lu beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box

    Yu Lu

  • Siren Craft Brew Soundwave beer from Cheers Bro thank you gift box


  • Cwtch

  • Fubar

  • Hollyrood

  • Cascadian East

  • Jarl

  • Murmuration

  • Sun Valley

  • Lager

  • Even Larger Lager

  • Big Boy Pants

  • Broken Dream

The Breweries

Just some of the breweries we work with

  • The Wild Beer Co working with Cheers Bro
  • Bad Co Brewery & Distilling working with Cheers Bro
  • Siren Craft Brew working with Cheers Bro

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